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Ali Askerov – Head of HMB Soft Russia, announced the HMB soft World Championship 2017 on November, 25. It’s a clubs tournament and there will be participants from Russia, Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, France and others. The age of sportsmen – from 12 to 17 years. Girls and boys are both allowed. They will conquer in the “sword and shield“ duel nomination.
There will be 3 categories of participants:
1. 12-13 years
2. 14-15 years
3. 16-17 years
Also Askerov noticed that November, 12 there will be the HMB Soft seminar in Italy with the help of Antonio de Zio, the captain of the national team of Italy.
All the details and results of that tournament you can find in HMBIA news next publications.