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Leaders of huge organizations faced with strategical issue – what moment will be the time to go further and replace your position with new, young personnel who will bring, as a fresh wind, something new and useful.

There is why Anton Trubnikov, the current President of HMBIA, came a difficult for him decision, but, we hope so, important and useful for developing, – to update the top-management of organization and to pass control to the new president.

The elections of the new president will be held in December 2017. Candidates will be chosen among people who worked hard in HMBIA structure pass years. Anton is pretty sure that democratic methods of management and openness to new and good people and ideas will hold to its growing.

The practice of electing a new president every 5 years is a good way to manage non-governmental organizations. And just on November 30, Mr. Trubnikov’s 5-year work as a president of the association will come to an end. After the expiry of the term, Anton can uses the time for the new projects connected with full-contact fights in an armor at a new world level.