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The first reaction of Edouard Eme on his election as HMBIA President.
And we all are waiting for the full interview with our new President tonight. What does he plan to do next!

I would like to thank the voters and the HMB community for giving me the honor of becoming the president of HMBIA. I will do my best to secure the foundings layed by Anton Trubnikov to build on them with your help and guidance. It will be a preoccupation for me to honor your trust, respond to your needs, and bring our sport to expand and blossom, as I have done in my own country. In the next months, my task will be to make myslef familiar with the inner structure and functionning system of the organization’s backstage, the team and the issues, with our former president’s help, in order to provide an efficient and useful work in the nearest future. Thank you all again for all your congratulations messages, and know that my door is always open. Together, let us take buhurt to glory again!