Monthly report. There were 7 …

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Monthly report.

There were 7 Buhurt League tournaments in all over the world.

3 of them are Buhurt Open: Wroclaw tournament (Poland), Winter Cup (Germany), Rekon (Russia).

4 tournaments are Challenger: Golden Hand (Russia), Jesenice tournament (Czech Republic), Ukrainian Qualification tournament (Ukraine), German Qualification tournament (Germany).

Unfortunately, 2 of the scheduled tournaments did not have enough teams and have been excluded from Buhurt League.

Winter Fight Cup in Goch was not listed as Open at the beginning. But tournament had a lot of teams, great organization and with assistance of HMBIA it could provide an acceptable level of judgment.

League’s representatives were at 4 tournaments of 7: Jesenice, Wroclaw, Rekon, Winter Fight Cup.

To the beginning of March, there are 114 registered teams.

Tournament Schedule for March 2018:
8-10 March. Copa HMB Brasil, Brasil. Results will be posted soon.
10 March. Sonora Celtic Faire HMB Tournament, USA. Results will be posted soon.
10-11 March. Championnat de France de béhourd, France. Results will be posted soon.
21-22 March. Blade of the Steppe, Kazakhstan.
24 March. Torneo Nacional El Burgo de Ebro, Spain.
25 March. United Kingdom Eliminations. The United Kingdom.
31 March – 1 April. Copa Grifo 2018, Argentina
31 March – 1 April. Tournoi de la Citadelle, France. Buhurt Masters in Western Europe.

We wish good luck to all teams in future tournaments.

League’s representatives are ready to answer all questions.

Current statistics:

*Statistics for women’s teams are not updated and will be posted separately soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Register your tournament here:

Registration of new teams

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