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Tournaments statistics

Golden Hand 2019 Buhurt Challenger. Moscow, Russia

1-st place: Old Friends, club: Bern. Russia
2-nd place: Western Tower, club: Western Tower. Russia
3-rd place: Bayard, club: Bayard. Russia

Molodetskaya Udal 2019. Buhurt Challenger. Yekaterinburg. Russia.
1-st place: Bear Cubs, club: Bern. Russia.
2-nd place; Yenisei, club: Bern. Russia
3-rd place: KonGo, club: Confederation of Hospitaliers. Russia.

Tournoi de Laon. Buhurt Challenger. Laon. France

1-st place: Partizan, club: Bern. Russia
2-nd place: Ayna Bera 1. Ukraine
3-rd place: White Company, club: White Company. United Kingdom.

Our congratulations to the Winners!