At the end of the first part…

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At the end of the first part of the Buhurt Prime tournament, the best teams and tournaments were awarded according to the results of the 2017-2018 season.
Representatives of men’s teams that took 2-10 places in the ranking received memorable plaques from HMBIA President Eduard Eme and Buhurt League brand manager Artem Vasilev and, of course, loud applause from the audience. The White Company team, that took the first place in the ranking, received a big cup, which will be passed on to the next champion from year to year.

A la fin de la deuxième partie du tournoi Buhurt Prime a eu lieu la remise des prix pour les méilleures équipes de la saison 2017 -2018.

Aan het einde van het tweede deel van het Buhurt Prime toernooi vond de prijsuitreiking plaats voor de beste teams van het seizoen 2017