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Buhurt Prime: through the eyes of the winners

The first and unique Buhurt Prime tournament in Monaco has come to an end. It was the finish of the 2017-2018 Buhurt League season. Prizes were awarded, the last note by the fanfare faded away and emotions subsided.

All participants of the tournament analyse past battles and use this analysis to improve themselves. .

The captain of the Knyaz team Ilyas Vyshutin from Ukraine reported that returning home after the tournament, the athletes will engaged in the analysis of the battles and worked on fixing their mistakes. However, having received a 3rd prize place of one of the most prestigious HMB world tournaments, Ilyas is very satisfied with the work of his team and congratulated Bayard team on the victory.

Alexei Kamenev from Bear Paw, the team that took 2nd place, congratulated the winners, noting that Bear Paw will do everything next year to win in Buhurt Prime.

Everyone who was present in the auditorium or watched the broadcast, saw that Bayard was not given an easy victory. According to Sergey Ukolov, the captain of the Bayard team, the battle with the French team Aquila Sequania was the most memorable.

Sergey Ukolov:
“I used a lot of strong language on my favourite team after the Aquila Sequania match. But it helped! They were motivated and aggressive after that.”

After the aggression passed and the Bayard team held the champions cup, the atmosphere changed dramatically. Only happiness remained.

These strong emotions alone are enough to make it worthwhile to participate in a tough sport like Historic Medieval Battle!