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Awards and prizes for the best fighters of the tournament

The festival of military-historical movement RECON has come to an end, leaving behind a lot of memories and impressions. Some lucky ones took with them medals and cups of the tournaments held at the festival and prizes from RECON partners. The rest took invaluable experience and many plans.

However, there are 2 fighters who have received a special prizes. Both of them are recognized as the best fighter of the tournament of their league: Григорий Блонский from the team Partizan (Bern HMB club) in the tournament of the highest league and Stepan Pimenov from the Russian Order HMB club – in the first league. They were given weapons – falchions, specially made for the winners of this category by a famous master Виталий Грызлов.

“A good fighter must fight with good weapons. The best fighter must fight with the best weapons! It’s great when the best HMB athletes of the country and even the world fight with a falchion or sword that you made. This is also an excellent incentive to keep a high level of product quality, to reduce the number of defects in the work ”- said Виталий Грызлов.

Stepan Pimenov and Григорий Блонский are very pleased with their prizes.

Stepan Pimenov:
“Very happy and very pleased. Weapons from Vitaliy are always of excellent quality. Already using one of his falchions. Having won such a title and having received such a prize you feel that everything is not in vain.”

Григорий Блонский, the owner of the second falchion, agrees with his brother in arms, stating that the weapons are really of very good quality and he is pleased with such a gift.

We once again congratulate the winners in the category of the best fighter of the tournament and thank Виталий Грызлов for supporting talented HMB athletes.