Warning!!! 1 August all teams…

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1 August all teams which are not registered on the website will be nullified. Availability to register new fighters will be closed till next transfer window.


All fighters at Buhurt Open tournaments from September 2019 will have to follow Authenticity rules.


Upcoming tournaments with obligatory AC rules:
Kening Striid, Buhurt Masters
Dynamo Cup, Buhurt Masters

Torneo Delle Alpi, Buhurt Open
3rd International Tournament Biel, Buhurt Open
Desafio Belmonte 2019, Buhurt Open
Jesien Sredniowiecza, Buhurt Open
Brazil Open, Buhurt Open
Tournoi des Flandres, Buhurt Open
Final of Polish Knight League, Buhurt Open

We kindly ask all fighters to prepare armor. Authenticity Committee is always ready to help you to fix all problems.