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Buhurt League Ranking

New edition of BL Ranking is here! We have a new leader!!

1-st place: Aquila Sequania.
2-nd place: Old Friends
3-rd place: Prague Trolls
4-th place: Taurus UA
5-th place: Partizan
6-th place: White Company
7-th place: Bear Paw
8-th place: KS Rycerz
9-th place: Western Tower
10-th place: Martel

Upcoming tournaments:

This weekend: ZARAYSK Warrior’s gathering. Buhurt Challenger, Russia

August tournaments:

The first Buhurt Masters of this season! Kening Striid, Tietjerk, Netherlands. 17-18 August 2019. First team will get invitation to Buhurt Prime in Monaco!!!

Also, we have several Buhurt Challengers:
Tournoi de Parthenay, France
Shield of Siberia, Russia
Parma Challenge, Russia
Just Out Buhurt Tournament, Serbia
Tournoi des Combes, France
Prince’s courtyard, Russia
Ironclad Challenge SP, Brazil
The Australasian Cup, Australia

Good luck to all fighters!!!