League fighters, 3 days left b…

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League fighters, 3 days left before closing the registration for the first Buhurt League Tournament at Just Out Festival. Last chance to join the greatest event of Serbia, the anniversary Battle of the Nations hosting country, the land of great hospitality.

Representatives of France, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Norway, Israel, Switzerland, Iceland, Belgium, Bulgaria,Slovakia have already applied for team and duel fights.

Every year this festival grows and attracts up to 100 000 spectators to the ancient and beautiful medieval monastery Manasija. All the participants can definitely have the time of their life here among boundless green fields of the country next to the magnificent building surrounded by the cheerful and friendly people.

Famous Serbian food and drinks, bright evening and night shows and concerts, the unity of cultures, the spirit of camaraderie and inspiration of history and honor – that’s all about Just Out Festival.

All the questions Александар Добри Урошевић