Monthly report Dear Friends,…

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Monthly report


Dear Friends,

Firstly, moving to the website has finished. We have 163 teams from all over the world, 1625 fighters, 29 countries!

Rankings on the website were updated (unregistered teams were removed).

Registration of new teams and the possibility to join the teams will be opened again during the September transfer window (1-7 September).

In July we had an incredible number of tournaments: 11. 6 of them were on the same weekend.

We had Buhurt Challengers:
Nidzica Buhurt League Challenger, Poland
Terra Avstralis Maschwitz, Argentina
Reval Cup, Estonia
Tournoi Saint-Georges, France
Battle on Neva, Russia
Rus Druzhinnaya, Russia
Tournament of Visegrad, Hungary
Copa Sao Paulo de Combates Medievais, Brazil
Torneo dij Cossot, Italy
ZARAYSK Warrior’s gathering, Russia

And one Buhurt Open:
3. Thuringian Championship, Germany

In August, we have “just” 9 tournaments… but what the tournaments!
The main event: Kening Striid, Buhurt Masters Western Europe, 17-18 August 2019
Buhurt Challengers:
Tournoi de Parthenay, France
Shield of Siberia, Russia
Parma Challenge, Russia
Just Out Buhurt Tournament, Serbia
Tournoi des Combes, France
Knyazhiy Dvor ( Prince’s courtyard ), Russia
Ironclad Challenge SP, Brazil
The Australasian Cup, Australia

See you at the tournaments!