Full results of the Tournoi de…

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Full results of the Tournoi de Parthenay Challenger

Tournoi de Parthenay HMB tournament took place in France last weekend. The event had the Challenger status in the Buhurt League system. There participated 12 male teams from France and UK. All fights were hard and exciting as many of the teams were experienced and skilled.

So the following teams got their places on the main podium of the Tournoi de Parthenay HMB tournament:

1-st place: White Company, United Kingdom
2-nd place: Carcas-Sonne, France
3-rd place: Martel, France

Most Valuable Fighter by Buhurt League: Daniel Winter, team: White Company. United Kingdom

Our congratulations to the winners!!!

According to The French federation representative, who organized the tournament, they had good cooperation from the city and the local medieval heritage association, so Tournoi de Parthenay had all the needed support.

“It was very sunny and hot, which was difficult for the fighters, but the site was beautiful and very authentic, right in front of the 13th century keep and fortifications. There were many visitors who came to enjoy the show: they showed great enthusiasm, especially to cheer for the Carcass Sonne team when they faced White Company in the final. We thank our sponsors from Château Faugas, Tanière d’Haloup and the Qui Que le Veuille association which offered prizes for the 3 teams of the podium”, – told the member of the organisation team.

Bohumil Masnicak (White Company) received the prize for champion of the tournament, whereas Pierre Dri (Faucons Noirs) was rewarded for the most impressive action: he managed to throw two opponents to the ground at the same time without falling with them!

Florain Piquet, the Bannerets d’Auvergne captain, received the prize for best resistance, as he and his team kept on fighting until the end with only 3 fighters, because of injuries.

The French federation hopes to remake this tournament in two years.