What’s buhurt?

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HMB, or Historical Medieval Battles, is a young full contact martial art. It has been around in Europe since the late 90’s, beginning as an after-hours sporting element for the participants of reenactment battles. It has since grown and developend substantially under the wings of the HMBIA, the International Association.
HMB is practiced by athletes wearing stylyzed medieval armours and using rebated medieval weapons. It knows several categories, each governed by its own ruleset. The fight is overseen by marshals, who can be recognized by their yellow attire.


Buhurt, or Melees, are the teamsport category within HMB. They may take the shape of 5 versus 5, 21 versus 21 or any other team size, depending on the tournament, with 5v5 being the most popular. Due to smaller numbers of fighters, the women’s league often sees fights in the 3v3 category.

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