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💥HMBIA invites you to immerse yourselves in the best possible vacation for all the history and battle lovers that we created in Serbia – a land of great hospitality and a wonderful array of historical sites, attractions, cuisine, and traditions.
The fact that Serbia has found itself in the path of conquering armies time and again throughout history, but has never lain down in defeat, speaks volumes. Instead, it has embraced the juxtaposition of East and West and each culture that has come – Byzantine and Roman, Ottoman and Christian – and emerged culturally richer, more varied, more open and warmer than almost anywhere else in Europe.

🔸We start our journey to the past in the capital of the country – the White City of Belgrade – with the indoor historical convent dedicated to the story of the Serbian Kingdom and its heroes. The Buhurt League Open Tournament is the heart and soul of this event that takes place in the exhibition hall of the outstanding complex Beogradski Sajam. Don’t miss your chance to fight against skilled teams from Russia and visit the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park. It is a designated Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance, and is undeniably worthy of this lofty accolade. Explore Belgrade’s bohemian history that is held in the curve of the short street of Skadarlija.

🔹We continue travelling to the biggest lowland fortress of Europe and reach Smederevo – the host venue of the BotN X – Battle of the Nations 10th edition. Everything is ready here for the participants of the upcoming festival Battle of the Knights (?) to break encampment. We mean literally everything – toilets, showers, hay, wood, event tents for those who come from far away (for about 150 people, so book in advance!).

🔸For the following 3 days, we suggest you participate in training sessions with the strongest athletes from all over the world during the free Chivalry Camp training program. Learn the secrets from the fighters at least twice a day, try the mass battles tactics, visit the evening tavern, share the stories by the fire. Detailed schedule of the training camp will be published closer to the date.

🔹If you’re looking for a true history adventure, join the Land of Legends program. Cities filled with culture, mountains and rivers filled with adventure… Explore all that the diverse destination of Serbia has to offer. Every day we suggest you discover the monumental walls and towers erected above cities, rivers and valleys, and learn about their legends carved in stone.

🔸Our bus tours are developed with the special care, taking into account the schedule of the morning or evening training sessions. Golubac castle (The Guardian of the Danube), Manasija monastery, the ancient imperial palace Felix Romuliana, the lost, impregnable and absolutely stunning fortress Maglič that is also called the Serbian Camelot (but we named it Kaer Morhen after visiting). And that’s not all… Perhaps for the moment Serbia is Europe’s best kept secret. But with so much to offer, it can’t – and won’t – stay secret for much longer. Explore the Land of Legends with us!

🔹The grand culmination of the sizable efforts on one great stage is the Despot Đurađ festival (in honor of the last Serbian medieval ruler) that will last for 3 days on the territory of the largest lowland medieval fortresses in Europe – Smederevo Fortress, the greatest European plane fort.
The place is perfect for medieval mass battles, old battle formations that were at the root of the Historical Medieval Battle sport. The new generation of fighters didn’t have an opportunity to join such battles till the previous BotN X with its 150 vs 150 category. Those who remember the origins of the HMB movement were more than happy to get back to the atmosphere of the historical festivals.

⚔Medieval Mass Battles is the new trend that we want to propose to our participants. Banners, armies, role play, tactics, new battle tasks, new lists shape, completely different approach to the fights. Challenge yourselves!
And we, of course, looked at all of the options to turn this festival into the time of your life with the spectacular equestrian show and tournaments, big concerts, great fair and delicious local food. Have we got your attention yet?

⚠️So, plan your May vacation and join us for a truly historic adventure in Serbia!