Monthly report, In September …

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Monthly report,

In September we had 5 tournaments and 4 of them were Buhurt Open:

Torneo Delle Alpi, Volpiano, Italy
Jesien Sredniowiecza, Stebark, Poland
Desafio Belmonte 2019, Belmonte, Spain
3rd International Tournament Biel, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

1 Buhurt Challenger:
Gunpowder Tower Challenge, Odessa, Ukraine

Current ranking:
1 Aquila Sequania, France
2 Bear Paw, Russia
3 Taurus UA, Ukraine
4 Old Friends, Russia
5 Western Tower, Russia
6 White Company, United Kingdom
7 Prague Trolls, Czech Republic
8 Martel, France
9 Warriors of Light, Ukraine
10 Partizan, Russia

Upcoming tournaments:

05-06 October:
Berlepsch Cup 2019, Germany, Challenger
Inkey Gaspar Tournament, Hungary, Challenger
Tournoi des Andelys, France, Challenger

12-13 October:
Golden Tiger, Russia, Challenger
5th HMB ARGENTINE CUP, Argentina, Master South America
III Spotkanie z Historia Pomorza Zachodniego w Szczecinie, Poland, Challenger
Autumn Assault, USA, Challenger
The Autumn of the Middle Ages, Kyrgyzstan, Challenger

18-20 October:
Buhurts in Olympia – Brasil Trading Fitness Fair, Brazil, Challenger

12 vs 12 Category has been announced and the meeting is very warm, we hope it will bring the development of the mass buhurts and clubs.