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We’re glad to open the registration for the most promising event of the next May – Mass Battles Festival in the Smederevo Fortress in the framework of the Knights&Legends global project.


The grand culmination of the sizable efforts on one great stage is the Despot Đurađ festival (in honor of the last Serbian medieval ruler) that will last for 3 days on the territory of the largest lowland medieval fortresses in Europe – Smederevo Fortress, the greatest European plane fort.
The place is perfect for medieval mass battles, old battle formations that were at the root of the Historical Medieval Battle sport. The new generation of fighters didn’t have an opportunity to join such battles till the previous BotN X with its 150 vs 150 category. Those who remember the origins of the HMB movement were more than happy to get back to the atmosphere of the historical festivals.

⚔Medieval Mass Battles is the new trend that we want to propose to our participants. Banners, armies, role play, tactics, new battle tasks, new lists shape, completely different approach to the fights. Challenge yourselves!
And we, of course, looked at all of the options to turn this festival into the time of your life with the spectacular equestrian show and tournaments, big concerts, great fair and delicious local food.

Meet you in the biggest lowland fortress of Europe and reach Smederevo – the host venue of the BotN X – Battle of the Nations 10th edition. Everything is ready here for the participants of the upcoming Despot Đurađ festival to break encampment. We mean literally everything – toilets, showers, hay, wood, event tents for those who come from far away (for about 150 people, so book in advance!).