Protecting the rear

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In buhurt is protection a key element to survive the different rounds of combat. To protect yourself you have obviously the helmet, kit, arm and leg protection. Under the layers of steel there is the gambeson for extra protection and comfort. Additional to the ‘normal’ plates of steel covering your body, people create extra protection for different parts of the human body. Plates in the neck for the heavy hitters in the critical area, sabatons for protecting the foot and a cup to save your scrutch for getting splitted in half.

The most difficult and forgotten area which is unprotected is your rear end, or mainly called ‘the butt’. This area is an easy target for an axe and a sheer pain is the result of an unprotected tailbone. There are different ways to cover that part of the body.

Crashpants: Crashpants are mainly used by snowboard and ski enthousiast. The pants absorbs the force of impact when they fall on the rear end. The protective parts are made from hard foam.

Plates of armor: A set of preformed steel plates to cover and protect your tailbone and cheeks. This is made by Aleksey Perebeynos.