Taurus Medieval Battle Company…

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Taurus Medieval Battle Company is quite a young club, founded in 2018 after consolidation of a few big Ukrainian clubs and it already has gyms in six Ukrainian cities. Despite the fact that the club itself is young, its fighters are very experienced veterans of many battles, including 5 vs. 5 category at Battle of the Nations and even the winners of the 21 vs. 21 World Championship in 2017.

The way of the team in Buhurt League was not easy. One of the main fighters got injured in the beginning of the season and Prague Falchion, but even without him Taurus UA won the silver medals at that tournament. The team took part in three national events in Ukraine and six tournaments in other countries in 2019. They’ve gained experience last season and now they are preparing to show their best at the greatest tournament Buhurt Prime 2020!

Support Taurus UA at Buhurt Prime this Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGUMceq5qGE