More than half of the group st…

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More than half of the group stage fights have passed. The teams have already managed to accumulate sports anger for the playoff fights. There were first victories and first defeats. Fighters of the teams shared their impressions with us:

“Impressive! Exciting! However, we understand that we need to work more on the technique”, – said the ACM Mexico fighter.

Other participants also like Buhurt Prime 2020:
“We are participating here for the second time. Everything is great, everything is fine, without any injuries. We are waiting for our last fight at this stage”, – said Vitaly Gryzlov, the captain of the Bear Paw team from Russia.

The fighter of the French team Aquilla Sequania Pavel Shevchenko agrees with Gryzlov.
“The guys are happy! Tired of course, but happy! Great tournament. Just to be here is already great”.

Marshals note that the fighters of all teams are very disciplined, strictly follow to the rules. There are minor violations that are more likely to be random.

Even more interesting fights and exciting finals to come. Stay with us.

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