Prime is coming soon! The anno…

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Prime is coming soon! The announcement of the day

The opening ceremony of the most prestigious tournament of the Buhurt League season will take place today and we are going to witness the fights for the Champion title, unique cups, medals and champions rings! Only the strongest, most courageous, best prepared, and desperate teams will get Buhurt Prime awards!

Today will be a very eventful day, full of music, light, speeches, welcoming words, amazing passions of fighting, magnificent victories, bitterness of defeat and applause! There are no passing, weak and inexperienced teams; here are only the legends of HMB sports!

The tournament day schedule is as follows:
12:00 local time – the opening ceremony of the Buhurt Prime tournament

After the ceremony, the group stage battles will begin. We remind you that the teams are divided into two groups of five teams each.

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