The Bear Paw team vs. the West…

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The Bear Paw team vs. the Western Tower – a battle for 1st place and the title of champions of the Bugurt League season 2019. You should see it! None of the fighters planned to concede a single hit. All eyes are riveted to the lists! Opponents go flush. Intrigue is growing. Until the last minutes of the second round, all 10 fighters stood on their feet. And finally, the battle is over! A difficult, but so coveted, victory of the Bear Paw team.

Thus, the places on the podium of the Buhurt Prime 2020 fame are as follows:
1st place: Bear Paw
2nd place: Western Tower
3rd place: Old Friends

A unique situation for this tournament – all 3 places were taken by teams from Russia. The entire set of the tournament combat awards will go to this country.

Photos by Max Voshchanov

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