ACM Mexico: “Now we know our w…

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ACM Mexico: “Now we know our weaknesses”

ACM Mexico team headed by Arturo Gutiérrez fought in the #BuhurtPrime list for the first time. Actually, it was their first such a high level European tournament ever.

Before the tournament Arturo told us that Buhurt Prime 2020 is a great opportunity for the team to improve their skills fighting against the best teams in the world and participation here is the step forward for his country as a whole.

They took this step forward and stood proudly against their rivals. Unfortunately, they didn’t reach the playoff stage, but entered their names in the history of the tournament and HMB sports.

As Arturo told us, it was a great and well organized event. He liked team presentations, venue, supportive staff, teams and of course the fights.

“I think all the fights were interesting, because teams were different, for example, the Warriors of Light are several levels higher than we are. The Prague Trolls are very strong! The White Company and the Bear Paw are very technical teams. I liked fighting with everyone.

It was the best tournament that I’ve ever attended. I think my team got good results. We visited such a high level tournament with very strong teams for the first time. My team was excited and happy all the tournament. Now we know our weaknesses and other teams gave us many lessons to learn”.

We are sure that the past Buhurt League season will push the ACM Mexico and we will see them on the lists of the Buhurt Prime in Monaco again.

Photos: Макс Вощанов
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