Create a dummy called “Henry”

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Simple DIY dummy.

Buhurt is fighting and good fighting needs practicing… Practicing a lot. Not only the gym or take a run in a park for the strength and condition are highly recommended but also the training on a dummy. Let’s call the dummy “Henry”.

A dummy made of wood and some old tires will do the job. Just make a strong base so Henry can’t flip over, attach a pole vertically on the base and at the height of about 150 cm a crossbar needs to be attached on it firmly (for the hips attach a smaller crossbar at the height om 100 cm). The vertical pole represents the body and the crossbar are the shoulders of poor Henry.

Now comes the best part of creating the dummy. Adding some cut tires to give Henry some flesh on the bones. The tires ‘simulate’ the softer cushion like a person in armor. Not really simulating the real thing but better than a bare pole of wood (nobody wants to see Henry naked, do you?). Attaching the cut tires on the shoulders, upper body and hips of Henry will create different targets to hit on. Some tires on the end of the vertical pole and you can practices your hits on the head with sword, axe or shield. Simple but effective.