With the very first Buhurt Pri…

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With the very first Buhurt Prime tournament 2019 in Monaco, we set a new bar for ourselves as organizers. However, preparing the second edition on February 15, 2020, we were simply obliged to increase the level of the event attractivity for the most demanding audience in the world.

As a new version of the Prime visual design, we settled on four screens, and also developed preliminary projects of personalized graphics for display on the screens for each team presentation. Vistiors of the Fontvieille Chapiteau had a great opportunity to enjoy this decision. But for everyone who watched the live stream, it was somewhat difficult to see the big picture. Therefore, we decided to share those visual projects with you.

With a certain degree of imagination, one can imagine the way the huge screens were soaring in the dark, and all the graphics were accompanied by special lighting, which was also pre-selected and programmed. And that was absolutely stunning.
Let’s start with the winners of the tournament and the absolute champions – Bear Paw team.