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Ranking update

March 2020

Unfortunately, we had to withdraw Buhurt League status from two tournaments:

Matozinhos Medieval, Brazil. Reason: Official report with the results and other required information was not provided in time stated in Buhurt League regulations.

Iron Fist, Russia. Reason: Mass violation of the team composition rules. Out of 5 teams registered for the tournament only one team fought in its pre-registered roster.

It means that we didn’t have new tournaments in February which are counted for BL ranking.

Modifications in the ranking are made due to additional points for being in top3 at the tournaments.

New order:

Prague Trolls
Legenda Polnocy
Bear Cubs
KS Rycerz (Sport Club Knight)
Grimaldi Milites
Ar Groaz Du

We remind all teams that transfer window is currently open. Teams with incomplete rosters will have a penalty in future tournaments.