New nomination: 12×12 Dear Fr…

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New nomination: 12×12

Dear Friends,

We are happy to open registration for clubs for nomination 12×12

Registration is available here:


Rating calculation:×12.docx

Calendar is available here. Tournaments will be added just after confirmation.

We ask organizers of the tournaments to contact Александр Титов (Alexander Titov) to be added to the calendar.

Key points of the regulations:
1) Season lasts 2 years
2) Number of fighters in the club is not limited.
3) Team at the tournament may cosist of several clubs.
4) Points will be given according to total number of teams, place and number of club fighters in the team. ((Total Number of Teams – Place) +1) * (Number of Fighters in the Team + 10) / 10
5) There will be final tournament for 12×12. If a Club does not have enough Fighters to form a complete 12×12 Team, it may form an alliance with another Club of its choice and form a combined 12×12 Team. Combined 12×12 Team must participate under the banner of the Club that has got the invitation.
6) Team consists of 20 fighters.
7) For all questions ask in this post or Александр Титов (Alexander Titov) .