Dear friends, the videos of …

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Dear friends,

the videos of the fascinating fights from REKON tournament, that were held on 14-15 of March in St.Petersburg, are now available for you to watch (if you have time of course). Unfortunately, we can not expect new videos any time soon, but we will do our best to keep you entertained with brand new content.
Some of our fans asked us about technical problems with the online stream from REKON and we asked our technical stream specialist to explain the situation. We think that his comments will be especially interesting for tournament organizers as they may experience similar problems in their events.

During the preparation for the REKON event, we have tested several mobile operators. According to all the tests, the most stable and fast was “Megafon” operator and we made our choice to use it.
However, during the event, we have experienced a problem with the mobile traffic monitoring algorithm. Its principle is – if there is a significant increase in traffic consumption on an unlimited tariff plan, then the algorithm starts to slow down the speed of the internet. The situation, in fact, is even more complicated because of the regular visitors of the REKON event who also use Megafon mobile services, as they use mobile traffic for social networks and their own online stream, thus creating additional load on the mobile network which in its turn activate algorithm that slows down the speed of internet even more for everyone.
Roughly speaking – the more mobile internet network load in a certain zone, the more the internet slows down for everyone in this zone.
The solution for this problem is the physical wire internet connection which is, at most of the commercial venues, extremely expensive and not affordable to the organizers. Mostly unfortunate it means that we can expect more such problems with online streams from other events as well.