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Buhurt Prime Highlights

Team: ACM Mexico
Country: Mexico
Club: ACM Mexico
Battle cry: Mexica, Mexica, Tiahui!
Year of foundation: 2016
Buhurt League ranking of the season 2018-2019:15
Points: 162

This team is conformed by veteran fighters and founders of the HMB movement in Mexico, is one of the strongest in North America. The ACM has participated in multiple tournaments around the world as in several editions of Battle of the Nations, tournaments in Spain, Denmark and in many others obtaining podiums such as in the U.S.A. (ITOC Tournament and California Open) and Argentina (Valherjes Cup). The team always seeks to carry the image of Mexican identity and honor our roots and history. In Mexico, the ACM is the undefeated team since 2017, in addition to the Buhurt Masters champion in North America 2019.