Country: Poland Club: KS RYCER…

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Country: Poland
Battle cry: Are you there homies? Here we are homie!
Year of foundation: 2010
Buhurt League ranking of the season 2019: 8th place
Points: 321

We would like to introduce you to the best buhurt team in Poland. For the last three years, they have been the unsurpassed champions in the Polish Buhurt League (PLWR). This team is the biggest team in Poland and each fighter has been chosen to represent their nation internationally (RKP). The team was always in the top 10 of the Buhurt League and this year took the 8th place in the overall ranking of the Buhurt League. The name of the 8th world’s best team is KS Rycerz (Sport Club Knight).

The unique brotherhood atmosphere attracts new recruits to this team from all over the country (not only lumberjacks from the forest’s interior, as our opponents suppose). They have a very recognizable battle cry: Are you there homies? Here we are homie! (PL:. Jesteście ziomeczki? Jesteśmy ziomeczku!), and an even more remarkable battle dance alluding to skibidi dance. And thanks to that this past season we gained a new nickname: Skibidi team. But beware! Many KSR adversaries have been known to have nightmares after fighting against us. They scream at night and repeat over and over again: “please don’t beat me, homies”. The rest of them shudder with fear when they hear “Little Big: Skibidi” on the radio. Trust us, you wouldn’t like to meet any homie on the battlefield. We smile a lot but we also hit hard!