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Country: France
Club: Aquila Sequania
The year of foundation: 2013
Buhurt League ranking of the season 2019: 2
Points: 505
CFW (% of won fights): 82 %

One of the strongest teams of France – Aquila Sequania was founded in 2013. The choice of the colors and heraldry of the team is inspired by glorious history of our home region Franche-Comté and particularly by Duchy of Burgundy that owned these lands in medieval times. Protection and weapons of the Aquila Sequania fighters completely replicate the armor and weapons of the knights of the central region of Europe of 14-15 centuries.
Aquila Sequania and its fighters proved their courage in numerous HMB tournaments in France and are constant members of the National Team of France in Historical Medieval Battle.
In 2018 Aquila Sequania took part in the Annual International HMB Tournament “Dynamo Cup” for the first time and got the proper place among the strongest HMB teams of the World.