Fun for fans! You were lu…

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Fun for fans! You were lucky enough to get tickets to the Battle of the Nations last year which is the most important event in your favorite HMB sport. It’s great to be able to participate in the live action, even if you’re just in the nosebleed seats. As the tournament unfolds, you’re carried along with your fellow fans as you alternatively cheer or groan along as marshals announce points (or falls).

Even though you can’t quite see the fighters on the actual list, you can feel that adrenaline reigning around.
Alternatively, you couldn’t get tickets to the World Championship, or it was taking place in a city or country too far from your home. You got together with a few friends or family, and resigned yourself to having to watch the live stream. It was not quite the same as being there, but it was the best you could do.

But. It doesn’t matter where you are. Being on the stands under the sun or screaming at the top of your voice in front of the screen. You are important to fighters, national teams, marshals and organization team. We do everything to meet your expectations and bring Battle of the Nations to every far corner of the earth.

We decided to let you, HMB lovers and fans, step in front and join the Virtual Fan Challenge as part of a memory marathon under a code name ‘Battle of the Nations. Total Recall’ and find out the most active national fan community!

And as the basis for the voting we decided to take women’s 5 vs 5 ladder from the last Battle of the Nation and we’ll follow a very simple way of voting.

After 2 days of groupe stage voting we have the following situation. Are you ready for the battle of these amazing team supporters? We’ll start in an hour!