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Country: Russia
Club: Bern
The year of foundation: 2015
Buhurt League ranking of the season 2019: 6
Points: 378
CFW (% of won fights): 89 %

The red and yellow team from the Northern Capital of Russia Saint Petersburg is known as one of the most brutal and powerful teams in the world. Old Friends have great coordination and every year they become even more dangerous gaining experience and winning many trophies around Russia and Europe. Having one of the deepest rosters in Buhurt League Old Friends can have even two full teams and that means that for Buhurt Prime 2020 they will have the strongest team of the best fighters who will do everything possible to win the championship.
Heavyweights will crush their opponents, lightweights run as fast as the wind and halberdiers with heavy blows will destroy the armor of those who are brave enough to fight against Old Friends!

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