HMBIA News Summary ◆ June 20…

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HMBIA News Summary ◆ June 2020

HMBIA News Summary ◆ June 2020
0:40 Ending of the quarantine and cancelation of tournaments
2:15 The charity event Warrior’s Blood Social Action in Brazil. A real chivalrous approach
3:30 Thanks-to-lockdown revelation of the HMB athletes new talents. Birth of a genuine blogger star, HMB girls creativity and #CUCchallenge!
5:40 Introduction of Belt Numbers. Detailed requirements for organizers and Buhurt League teams.
6:50 Rescheduling of the Authenticity Committee effective dates. Meeting half-way.
7:30 Detailed Introduction of the possible Battle of the Nations 2021 venues that are still in the race (!)
12:50 Battle of the Nations Total Recall. Live streams with the HMB sport legends and Virtual Fan Challenge