Buhurt League teams captain ca…

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Buhurt League teams captain can join to the HMBIA Authenticity Committee National Representatives .

The Authenticity Committee is the HMBIA structural unit on a par with other HMBIA Committees aimed at performing the tasks taken by the HMBIA General Assembly alongside with the HMBIA Office under the direct supervision of the HMBIA Presidium and Advisory Board.
🔸Bringing athletes kits in line with the highest level of safety and authenticity at the tournaments under HMBIA rules and requirements.
🔹Developing documents and regulations with authenticity requirements and recommendations for the HMB athletes.
🔸Monitoring of the approved requirements implementation at the HMB events.
🔹Educational activities aimed at increasing HMB community awareness of the AC requirements.
AC Head Milica Gljivica manages Authenticity Committee work and serves as the primary AC representative in the HMB community.
The AC structure can be shortly represented as follows:
Presidium + Advisory Board ➡️ HMBIA Office ➡️ AC Head ➡️ AC Senior Officer ➡️ AC Officer ➡️ AC Trainee