BotN 2021 Host City Rac…

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BotN 2021 Host City Race participant from France is located in the Jura Mountains, near the Swiss border. Les Rousses is known mostly as the cozy ski resort at an altitude of 1107 meters above sea level and a place with many outdoor and indoor activities.

Fort des Rousses is a historical fortress (second largest fortress in France) that, until 1997, was used as a commando training site. The fortress includes an amazing underground labyrinth used in training, that is open to the public now.

We all know that the HMB French Federation has one of the most active and dedicated communities and it’s a native land of the current HMBIA President Edouard Eme. But we can assure you that the nature of the decision-making process is independent and impartial.

Let’s wish good luck to all participants!