Monthly report The first mo…

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Monthly report

The first month after lockdown is finished, we had 3 tournaments:

Jan van Brabant Challenger, 2 August, the Netherlands
Ural Fight 2020, 8 August, Russia
Polish Buhurt League Final, 19 August, Poland

Ranking is updated, new top10:

1st place: Prague Trolls, Czech Republic SKSKB PRAHA
2nd place: Lions of Steel, the Netherlands Lions of Steel Medieval Fightclub
3rd place: KS Rycerz, Poland KS Rycerz
4th place: Syabry, Belarus Клуб Берн (HC Bern)
5th place: Legenda Polnocy, Poland Legenda Północy
6th place: Yenisei, Russia Клуб Берн (HC Bern)
7th place: Bear Cubs, Russia Клуб Берн (HC Bern)
8th place: Bayard White, Russia Bayard Team
9th place: Partizan, Russia Клуб Берн (HC Bern)… Meer