Protect that neck

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In buhurt, hits on the body are a fact and inevitable. To protect your body you wear a custom made armour. To move around in armour there are several gaps for joints to rotate. You neck needs also the possibility to turn around so you can see where your opponent is coming from or where your teammate needs your help. The neck is a crucial body part and needs to be protected very well. Even there are strict rules of NOT hitting people in the neck on purpose, there is a chance you get an axe or sword hitting right on that spot. There are some stories in which a fighters received a blow in the neck and the outcome was disastrous. With every hard hit in the neck (in any sport) the sporter can be paralyzed from the neck down…

Many fighters are wearing neck plates sewed in the liner of the helmet but to be sure the protection of the neck is top notch fighters choose a neck shield or lobster tail. This tiny piece of armour saves your from neck injuries. The plates are mostly made of titanium to reduce weight and increase comfort (by not feeling it’s there). I see the neck protector as a little guardian angel who is never tired of his job. His only job… protecting my neck. The neck protector is provided bij Medieval Extreme