Monthly report, We had 3 tour…

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Monthly report,

We had 3 tournaments in September, unfortunately, a few tournaments in Russia didn't have enough team to save BL status, we kindly ask all organizers to be sure that your tournament fulfils BL requirements for the tournaments.

19 September two tournaments have brought the largest influence on the Ranking Table:

Polish tournament Jesien Sredniowiecza allowed to get points to KSR and Legenda Polnocy. This tournament raised them up to 2 and 3rd places on the Ranking table.

Lions of Steel managed to get 2-nd place on Swiss tournament, they occupy 1st place now! Aquila Sequania didn't fight their clubmates, so, even with winning the tournament they are still out of top10.

September tournaments:
Tournament Colombier, Switzerland
Jesien Sredniowiecza, Poland
Parma Challenge, Russia

Updated ranking:
1. Lions of Steel Medieval Fightclub, the Netherlands
2. KS Rycerz, Poland
3. Legenda Północy, Poland
4. Prague Trolls (SKSKB PRAHA), Czech Republic
5. Bear Cubs (Клуб Берн (HC Bern), Russia
6. Syabry (Клуб Берн (HC Bern), Russia
7. Partizan (Клуб Берн (HC Bern), Russia
8. Bear Paw (Клуб Берн (HC Bern), Russia
9. Yenisei (Клуб Берн (HC Bern), Russia
10. Bayard White Bayard Team, Russia

We plan to have 3 tournaments in October:
BBT Shanghai Challenge, China
Vyzov 2020, Russia
Battle Stedingen, Germany

COVID situation is changing rapidly, we ask all fighters to check travel conditions before registering to a tournament and notify organizers that you are not able to come as soon as such situation appears.

The full ranking is available on our website.

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