Full Plate Harness cate…

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Full Plate Harness category might be included in the list of official categories at Battle of the Nations 2021. Don’t miss your chance to practise at one of the biggest tournament of the world in Saint Petersburg on 14th and 15th of March.

At REKON Festival 2018 in Saint Petersburg a knightly tournament in Full Plate Harness was presented by Courage of Ages for the first time that was welcomed with a great interest by the audience and supported by the participants from different cities of the country.

With the further development of the concept at REKON 2019 we managed to witness the amazing and fast progress of the fighters. Moreover it was decided to have this tournament as a captivating offer from the organisation team to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Battle of the Nations in Smederevo Fortress in May 2019.

The great interest of people in the experimental Full Plate Harness category was one of the main reasons for the… Meer