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Helmets in buhurt are a welcome addition to the armour. To make the helmet fit and protect your skull from the blows there is a liner / padding sewn in it. This padding absorbs the hit to the helmet and make the helmet feels cosy. The only thing with helmets is they have to fit tight and perfectly to the head.

One day I was walking around in a DIY store and found out there are strips of foam (1cm think and 1cm wide) on a roll (15m). Those foam strips are used to protect the owner of homes from wind coming in via different little openings in windows or doors. I bought the roll and tried to stick in into my helmet for extra padding and better fit. The results are absolutely gorgeous! Because of the little strips you can create almost an atomically ‘web’ for your head so it fit perfectly into your helmet. And the protecting your skull also!


The rolls of self adhesive tape.

Use it in your favour. The cost are low and the benefits are awesome. I’m now trying it also for the legs and arms. I’ll update this article when the results are there.