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Last week, the world heard the fantastic news that Oradea fortress in Romania will host the Battle of the Nations 2021. Today we want to remind you about all the atmospheric places where the previous championships were held. As you all remember, the Ukrainian fortress of Khotin hosted BotN in 2010 and 2011;

2012 – the Bema fort in Poland welcomed the Championship this year;
2013 – the French city of Aigues-Mortes hosted Battle of the Nations and hundreds of best athletes of the world;
2014 – the exciting HMB fight near the walls of the Kamerlengo fortress in the Croatian city of Trogir impressed thousands of spectators of the Championship;
2015-2016 – Battle of the Nations was held in the Petrin Hill national park of Prague, Czech Republic;
2017 – the tournament moved to the La Monumental Arena in the Spanish city of Barcelona;
2018 – BotN was held in the Santa Severa castle in Italy;
2019 – the Serbian city of Smederevo welcomed the jubilee BotN X that will stay in our memory with the fantastic 30vs30 and epic 150vs150 buhurts, and unforgettable fireworks.

We are happy that such a unique and beautiful place, steeped in the history of the Middle Ages, as the Oradea fortress will also go down in the history of our championship next year.

So, what was your favorite location?
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