Watch Vyzov 2020, 12×12, Russia

1st place: Bern 2nd place: NSK 3rd place: Saint Petersburg 4th place: Siberia 00:00 Siberia vs NSK 09:22 Bern vs Saint Petersburg 11:51 Bern vs Siberia 13:35 NSK vs Saint Petersburg 21:21 Siberia vs Saint Petersburg 23:30 Bern vs NSK More fights from Russia for you! #HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #Vyzov Source

We are pleased to announc…

We are pleased to announce that HMBIA is once again considering holding an extraordinary female All vs All category as part of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021. Organizational issues are already being discussed by the representatives of the women’s HMB both within the relevant… Meer Source