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Livestream announcement

Comrade in Arms

19 December 2020, China

Livestream starts at 10:00 by Chinese timezone (3:00 CET). Our western community will able to watch tournament on Friday

10:00-10:30 opening
10:30-11:30 Buhurt Mass Battle 30vs30
11:30-12:00 music band show
12:00-13:00 Female duels, Longsword, Sword&Shield.
13:30-14:00 music band show
14:00-17:00 male Buhurt 5vs5
17:00-18:00 photo time, awards, and quick meeting of Buhurt CHINA

Livestream will be available on Buhurt League YouTube and Facebook pages.

#HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #Livestream