Mexicans personally con…

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Mexicans personally congratulated the entire HMB community on the New Year holidays! This was made possible thanks to Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif, a marshal from Mexico and a person who works tirelessly to develop HMB in her country and her Facebook Buhurt`n`chill page in Spanish where she makes interviews about everything and anything needed to keep fighters well informed and keeps Spanish speaking HMB community motivated and united through the hard times.

As Ana told HMIA News, the invitation to participate in the video was open to all Mexican HMB or Buhurt`n`chill communities. Representatives of all HMB clubs in Mexico agreed to take part in a video congratulation process and the… Meer

¡Chicos buhurteros!

Les deseamos unas felices fiestas y todo lo mejor para este 2021.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2021 from all of the mexican HMB family and from Buhurt N’Chill!