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We are opening a small but very festive marathon of wishes with New Year and Merry Christmas from representatives of the HMB community from different countries, and we will also tell you how our friends all over the world celebrated the most anticipated holidays of the year!
And we’ll start with sunny New Zealand.

Dayna Berghan-Whyman, President of the HMB National Federation of New Zealand this year had a small, but cozy Christmas party. Just a family celebration with few close friends. We even know some of those invited this evening to Dayna’s house. These are Anna Gubinskaya, the New Zealand National Federation Tournament Representative and Eduard Satrutdinov, the New Zealand National Federation Authenticity Officer. This friendly company had no time to get bored.

“My husband and I cooked a 4 course meal, and I made Anna and Ed take some dessert home with them. We ate, we had good conversations, watched the Terminator Dark Fate movie and also watched crazy silly things on Youtube. It was awesome!!!

This company clearly had a New Year’s mood in spite of the beautiful sun-drenched landscapes outside!

“Everyone has made such great efforts and sacrifices to get through this year. Our HMB community in New Zealand sends our best wishes for good health and success in the list to all our brothers and sisters in the sport. We thank HMBIA for building and supporting the HMB world wide community, and we cannot wait to see everyone at BOTN 2021 in Romania”, – wished Dayna.

What was your Christmas party?

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