We are waiting for the first…

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⚔ We are waiting for the first Spring tournament of the Buhurt League in 2021.

🔔 2 of May in China we will have 4th Asian tournament in the current season. 5 teams, one of them is very close to return to top-10!

🔥 Half-Ton are just in 0.9 points to return to Top-10. So they need win just 1 round, but for sure they are going to the tournament only for victory!

⚡ Team Red Star occupies 13th place of the World Ranking and they have a quite short distance to get higher!

📌 Wolf Solders are at 26th place of the world ranking but they could beat Red Star at last tournament. We will see what they will show 2-nd of May

💣 Yin-Yang Hotpot are visiting all tournament and for sure they couldn’t miss their home one!

⭐ Yi Chan team, we hope for continued progress and make hard fights with the rest of the teams!

Good luck to the teams and join us 2-nd of May on Buhurt League YouTube page!

9:30 Opening (3:30 CET)
11:00 All vs All (5:00 CET)
13:00 5vs5 (7:00 CET)

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