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Livestream Announcement


Torneo Delle Alpi, Italy

From 12:00 to 19:30

Group A 12:00 14:45
Group B 15:00 17:45
Playoff 18:15 19:30

Group A:
White Company, UK
Italian Bastards, Italy
Legenda Polnocy, Poland
Grimaldi Milites, Monaco
Taurus MFC, Italy
Ferox, Germany
Warriors of Light, Ukraine

Group B:
Team Icarus, Italy
KS Rycerz, Poland
Pardus Bellator, France
Graoully, France
Prague Trolls, Czech Republic
Aquila Sequania, France

Best 4 teams from each group will proceed to the Playoff stage!

Livestream will be placed on all Buhurt League platforms.

#HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #HMBItaly #BuhurtMasters