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Tournament statistics

Rekon, 23-24 October 2021

Buhurt Challenger, Russia

It took a bit more time than usual but here it is! The first Buhurt League tournament with wide list. Just watch the livestream how it improves the picture of a tournament with world strongest teams!

Men’s 5vs5

1-st place: Bayard
2-nd place: Bear Paw
3-rd place: Old Friends

Most Valuable Fighter: Evgeniy Ageev, team: Bayard

Men’s 12vs12
1-st place: Bern Nancy, club: Bern
2-nd place: Western Tower, clubs: Western Tower, Bayard, Uri, Russian Order
3-rd place: Bern Murten, clubs: Bern, Zurich

Most Valuable Fighter: Maxim Slavchenko, team: Bern Murten, club: Bern

Women’s 5vs5

1-st place: Bayard (f)
2-nd place: Bern
3-rd place: HMB School SPB

Most Valuable Fighter: Mariia Mitlianskaia, team: Bayard (f)

Livestreams of both days are available on Buhurt League channels.

The last tournament of the season will be 6th November in UK, livestream will be announced later.

Congratulation to the winners!

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