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Tournament announcement Steel Bear: Bern Cup 2022 💥 STEEL BEAR IS WAITING FOR A VISIT 💥 The first Russian tournament in the history of the Buhurt League, “STEEL BEAR” will celebrate its 5th B-Day in 2022! In honour of the anniversary, organizers decided to present a gift to the fighters and the audience and declared the tournament in the Buhurt League system in the… 🔥OPEN status🔥!!! Again and again, “Bear” gathers the best fighters under its banners and gives them a wonderful opportunity to test each other’s power! ‼ The tournament will be held in the “BERN CUP” format – fights by conferences. 📆 When and where: March, 26, 2022, Nizhny Novgorod
⚔ Program: male and female team fights “5×5”
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